Top 10 Reasons Sardines Should be a Regular Part of Your Cat’s Diet. — 17 Comments

  1. The commercial raw food that I give my cat is made with a variety of meats like chicken, turkey, lamb, etc. but they all have sardines in them. Once in awhile, I just give a small amount of just sardines in water. I never store leftovers in cans, but transfer to glass containers to refrigerate.

    Also, when I remove a serving sized container from the freezer, if I don’t have time to let it defrost, I pour a little hot water over it, and mash it up. I use my electric hot pot rather than letting water run til hot, which saves water and time! It’s my favorite kitchen appliance!

  2. I can only find sardines sunflower oil and I have 7 cats who I lov very my head. I drained the oil off and then shared the small can between them.
    Is it OK to give them I sunflower oil there was very little on the fish.
    Would that be OK.

    I could not find any in water.

  3. I keep reading mixed reviews about giving cats fish as they naturally aren’t fish eaters (they evolved from the desert). Is this strictly referring to fish in canned food?

  4. The Scadinavians took there cats on long voyages so I can’t see how the oils hurt them given good healthy fish from the sea are full of good oils. They may not be natural fish eaters but when that’s all that’s on the menu the rest is history. The Norwegian Forrest cats are a testament to this theory given they suffer very little from anything all through their lives. Cats rule, dogs drool…

  5. Sardines do not smell half as bad as most canned cat foods made with real fish!!!

    Are the water-packed sardines safe for cats with chronic renal failure? My cat gets sub-q fluids q.a.d.

  6. I have tried time after time to get my cats to eat sardines and they usually refuse to eat them. Can I supplement with some omega 3 fish oil (the one I have is from salmon)? I will keep trying the sardines, but maybe an omega 3 supplement is better than nothing.

    • My guys do not eat sardines as well. What I do is get dry sardines from Japanese or Korean Grocery. Split them in half, take out the guts and heads and toast them lightly on dry frying pan. I give these to my cats as treats and they love it.

  7. I agree compleatly, I feed my cat (Wyatt) Acana Grasslands by Chapion Patfoods. I did so much reasearch on petfoods for cats & dogs I know its the best of the best I can afford. $23.00 for 4lbs. But it lasts a month. I’ve been looking 4 a treat he woud go crazy over( for training) but healthy 4 him also. Thankx You!

  8. I have always fed my cats freshly boiled sardines. They are ready in 10 minutes. Then just pour cold water over pot, to cool them, then serve. I prefer to remove heads and tails and spin for kittens. I kitten can eat one over the day. Adult male cats can have about 3. I’m talking a free roaming unnutured cat. I supplement it with leftovers such as meat or chicken. Also some dry cat food on the side in small amounts. . Cats never got sick and always had beautiful shiny coats. Fresh sardines which have just been landed, cleaned and stored in the freezer. Always buy a weekly supply. Never use the canned stuff. I’m surprised that fresh sardines aren’t recommended here.

    • i did the same. my cats and kittens are all having sardines in their main diet. but instead of boiling it daily, i do for a whole of a week supply. remove the main spines and tails from all after and blend them together with some boiled carrots, pumpkins, and a anchovies. then serve it mixed with sliced boiled chicken on mealtime. i store them (the blended mix) in few small containers. each container for a day serving and keep the rest in the freezer. take one out each day. i’ll only mixed high quality canned tuna/chicken (whole-meat type) in the serving alternately every other day or two as “backup” supplement of other required nutrients which usually have in commercial canned food.

      • Hi, Aduka.

        Cats are obligate carnivores that don’t need and really shouldn’t be fed such things as carrots, pumpkin, etc. Also, if you’re going to make cooked meat, or even plain fresh meat, a large part of your cat’s diet, it is critically important that you balance that meat with the proper amount of organ and bone-in meals. Unbalanced diets will cause nutrient deficiencies and can permanently damage or even eventually kill your kitty.

        Fresh food is the definitely the most nutritious, but it is CRITICAL that it be properly balanced. See here and here for more information on feeding a balanced homemade diet.

  9. Do any bones need to be removed from the canned sardines? I was thinking of doing what I usually do with my cats canned wet food. I take the canned wet food with water and put in a little blender drink maker and blend it together. To make it almost like a milkshake and then I pour it in to bowls a little at a time. I stretch the beverage mix out over a few days. Refrigerating the any left overs.

  10. Exactly how many sardines do you give a cat per day and is this included as a meal (I give mine 2 or 3 smaller meals a day of canned food). Also, once the canned sardines have been opened, can you freeze what you are not going to use that week?

    • Hi, Jan!

      Cats should have at least three meals a day, four if you can, so you’re good there. An ounce or so of sardines can be fed as a treat two or three times a week, and, yes, you can freeze what you don’t use immediately.

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