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Affiliate Policy

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires bloggers to disclose any relationship that exists between someone who endorses a product and the brand of that product when writing a review about it. I’ve not yet actually published a paid-for review on CatCentric and I doubt I’ll do very many in the future, but I just contracted for one and, hey!, better safe than sorry, right?

So, to comply with the FTC’s rules, here are the guidelines I will adhere to in accepting paid-for (or “sponsored”) reviews:

  • I may receive payment (monetary and/or product) to do reviews on any products contained within this website and all reviews are honest and complete.
  • If there are links to a product on CatCentric.org, a commission may be paid to me if you click the link and purchase a product from the brand.
  • Any commissions received as a result of CatCentric’s reviews or links will not impact my review on that product. If I believe a product won’t benefit cat owners, you can be darn sure I will never review or link to that product. I will always be honest with you about my thoughts on a reviewed product, good or bad, while being fair to the brand, giving them an opportunity to respond.


If you have any questions regarding any products you see reviewed on CatCentric.org, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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Created 09/15/15; Updated 01/24/16