A super healthy Allen, raw fed and nearly 100% vaccine free.Overview

The health practice with the second greatest impact (behind nutrition) is today’s vaccination protocols. Annual vaccinations are ineffective and dangerous; they wreak havoc upon the cat’s natural immune system and, among other issues, are known to cause tumors at vaccination sites.

The following links will provide you with all the information you need to stand your ground against vaccinations at the vet’s office. Annual physicals serve a very important function and protect your cat – annual vaccinations do NOT!

To report your cat’s adverse reaction to any vaccinations: Veterinary Adverse Event Voluntary Reporting Added 30 October 2012!

Vaccines Cause Autoimmunity, a conversation between Dr. Lucija Tomljeuovic and Dr. Patricia Jordan, Pet Parents Action Group, June 2012

Why Vets Are Getting Away With Murder, Dana Scott, Dogs Naturally Magazine, March 2012

Feline Vaccine Side Effects, Dr. Michael Lappin, 84th Annual Western Veterinary Conference, February 2012

Vaccines for Cats: We Need to Stop Overvaccinating, Dr. Lisa Pierson, CatInfo.org, July 2011

Don’t Vaccinate Your Adult Cat for Distemper, Dr. Jean Hofve, LittleBigCat.com, June 2011

Vaccination, Dr. Jean Hofve, LittleBigCat.com, November 2010

Vets On Vaccines, Dogs Naturally solicits the thoughts of over two dozen holistic veterinarians, April 2012

Dr. Karen Becker discussing the topic with Dr. Ronald Schultz, May 2011:

Part 1: How Often Should You Vaccinate Your Cat or Dog?
Part 2: The Alternative to Re-Vaccinating Your Pets Annually…
Part 3: The Vaccine that’s Mandatory in EVERY State in America…
Part 4: Does Your Pet Really Need That Rabies Shot?

From the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, Dr. Patricia Jordan discussing vaccination issues and immunity:

Vaccine Insights – Part 1, April 2011:

Vaccine Insights – Part 2, October 2011:


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Created 04/20/12; Updated 08/11/14