To properly compare the guaranteed analysis of one food against another, you have to remove the water percentage from the equation and compare just the protein, fat, fiber, ash and carb content. This is called converting to a Dry Matter Basis (DMB), and here’s an example showing how that’s done…

Set up: The guaranteed analysis for XYZ canned food looks like this:

Protein 13%
Fat 4%
Fiber 2%
Ash 1%
Moisture 78%.

Step 1: Subtract the moisture percentage (78%) from 100% to get 22% and convert that to a decimal (24% = .24).

Step 2: Divide each of the other guaranteed analysis percentages by that decimal:

Protein = 13 / .22 = 59.09% DMB
Fat = 4 / .22 = 18.18% DMB
Fiber = 2 / .22 = 9.09% DMB
Ash = 1 / .22 = 4.55% DMB

To determine the carb content, subtract all of the DBM numbers above from 100. In this example, the DMB carb content is 9.09%.

For your convenience, you can click here for a DMB calculator that will automatically make these calculations after you input the “guaranteed percentages”.


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Created 10/20/15