Q&A: My cat just _______________; is he angry with me? — 3 Comments

  1. I rescued a cat in my neighbor that had a bad place in his neck,probably from a cat fight.I had been feeding him for a long time.We now have a lot of strays in the area.Took him to the vet and he tested positive for hiv.I help run a rescue and we do not put cats down for that.Even though my vet recomended it.I got him neutered and had them give him all his vaccinations Knowing i could never get him adopted,Several day after his surgery i was petting him and he came at me and bit me on my arm.I went to the Dr got antibotics and a shot.that was 03-15-15. and today i had been to petsmart all day working an adoption , so i got home late , i had been in his room a few times giving fresh food and water,I gave him some new can food and i just pushed it over to him ,He smelled of it and acted like he was going to eat it ,I went and walked to the door which was only 2 ft away and he attacked me on the leg in 3 teeth marks on the front and 2 on the back.I have worked hard on trying to get him into a rescure for fiv positive cats.He had been doing so good.This just happened last night 04-19-15 . I am at my witts end as to what to do.I try to spend as much time in his room where i am now on the computer.just to give him company.But this time i have leather knee boots on .Could have been worse if i had not had long pants on earlier..I pet him very little,because i dont want to over excite him.I have noticed in the last week he has been spraying in the room.Please any advice is very much appreciated

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  3. I love my cat she is an inside cat. I have a little deck she goes out on and liked spending time in the fresh air. I even give her massages which she loves whenever she wants one she just drops to the floor and I massage her. But she bites me hard and draws blood sometimes a couple of times a day. Anyone with solutions help nothing is working.

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