has been expanding at a phenomenal clip since that electric 2:00am epiphany when it first struck me, rousing me from a restless sleep with a shocking clarity of concept. It has, in fact, exceeded all my expectations, and continues to pick up steam at an exponentially increasing rate.

    I credit this not to any talent or perseverance of mine, but to the love cat owners hold for their little housemates and the steadily growing awareness that today’s cats are sicker than they should be, but with a little work, a healthier, stronger, happier life is within easy reach.

      It is my privilege to be able to put some of the resources necessary for creating that healthier life into the hands of cat lovers all over the world!

        I initially planned to spend a year focused on just the nutritional aspects of cat care, but events have vastly accelerated that roughed-out timetable and a few weeks ago, was expanded to include Care & Health and Behavior & Psychology sections, as well as a page on Vaccinations and another on Financial Assistance Resources. Per several requests, a “Special Feature” page has also been created – Sourcing Products for Homemade Cat Food, a list of online and local sourcing venues and suggestions for meals prepared at home in whole prey, frankenprey or ground form.

          The Scientific Studies page has been revamped, reorganized and more than a dozen new studies added, along with a fantastic new feature – every study now has an accompanying quote that helps illustrate the focus and findings of that study!

   has also brought in its first guest writer, Laurie Goldstein. Her articles have been a huge hit, with her How much does it cost to feed my cat? or “I *can* afford to feed commercial raw! report enjoying more than double the hits and virility of any other article on the site to date!

              Two more articles were also added recently, Getting-started tips for frankenprey feeding and Socializing a feral cat: it’s all about trust (also written by Laurie), and the Resource Center as well the Blog Roll, Lighter Reading, and Just for Fun! areas have all been updated with additional links.

                I’m particularly excited that’s presence has been expanded and now includes Pinterest (where we have done really well!) and Google+, in addition to Facebook and Twitter.

                  Finally, on a more personal level, I am honored to announce that I am now writing for the brand new, completely unique, and totally fabulous Raw Instincts eMagazine, and have recently been granted Professional membership in the international Cat Writer’s Association, Inc..

                    Lots of exciting and fun things happening with! Thank you so much for being a part of our growth; I hope the information provided herein will continue to be interesting, informative and most of all – helpful!


                    If you enjoyed this post or found it informative, please “Like” it, “Tweet” it, or share it using any of the buttons below. And don’t forget to check out our FB page, join the discussions in our awesome FB group and follow us on Twitter!


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                    1. I found your website some time ago and it’s really fantastic. Our cats have been fed a raw diet for some years now and your website is really interesting. Keep it up!

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