Q&A: How much hard play is too much for my cat? — 4 Comments

  1. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful! Daily interactive play is very important for feline mental health. The best part? The more you interact with your cat, the closer the two of you will bond.

  2. My first cat and pet and I’ve done so much research to be the best owner I can. My baby is 6 months old and wants to play A LOT. I try to do short sessions but at night especially, she’ll just run around like a maniac. It’s like she never gets tired. Any suggestions? (I’ve tried the treat thing)

    She’s also extremely loving and always up for petting and welcomes me home but lately she’s been over active a lot and rarely wants to be calm and relax. I love she isn’t a lazy cat, but it’s like 90% of the day. She comes out of her hiding spots if I return and doesn’t fuck away. It’s just play time most of the time in her mind.

    Am I maybe playing too much or aggressive? She goes crazy over a string I have but I always monitor using the string and it’s in s closed drawer otherwise.

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