Declawing is far more than just a removal of the cat’s nails. In fact, the last knuckle of a cat’s toes are amputated, severing bones, tendons and nerves. This is a cruel and painful practice, equivalent to cutting off your fingers at the last joint, and often causes mental and physical problems – such as biting and inappropriate elimination habits – throughout the cat’s life.

    Declawing is considered inhumane and is banned (with some exceptions for medical emergencies) in over two dozen countries, including England, France, Italy, and Australia; less than two weeks ago, Israeli kitties celebrated as that country, too, joined those ranks (see the full list here). More and more American vets are declining to perform this type of surgery, and several cities in the US have banned the procedure entirely, including Los Angeles, CA.

      There are many alternatives to this inhumane practice, one of which will surely suit your circumstances. Learn more at The Paw Project!


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