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  1. I took my cat to a Vet hospital (It was the only one available on Sunday) because he was throwing up constantly and diarear. Spent hours there. When time to go they came up with no diagnosis but gave me a dry prescription med. and was told to give him anything else. (It is Royal Canin Gastrointestinal ). Because my Duffy literally goes hysterical in the vets, I waited a couple of days and took him to his regular vet. He did a blood test and told me he had lymphoma and there was nothing else could be done. Just continue to give Duffy the same medicine food and nothing else else. The vet couldn’t say if my Duf had a shot life span or not. After I calmed down after this I have been doing just this and wondering if this is OK. He seems to be OK. He is eating and no throwing up like he always did most often.
    Now, after a few months have passed, I am wondering why the vet hospital didn’t tell me this. Am I doing right with the food? I did not go for another opinion because it creates so much trama to Duf that I thought I would wait and see if he gets sick again. I wanted your opinion as to the feeding. Nothing in Duffy has changed since taking this food and at 15 years old, he seems to be OK.
    Is it OK to keep him only on that med.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I’m so sorry you and Duffy are going through this, Anita. How difficult, and scary! ((HUGS))

      I am, however, puzzled by the diagnosis of lymphoma based off nothing more than a blood test. Are you on Facebook? If you are, can you please join the CatCentric group? Several members, including a CatCentric contributor, have extensive experience with both lymphoma and IBD (which is often accompanied by chronic vomiting and diarrhea such as you describe).

      I’ll watch for you in the group!


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