Fun Fact: Crickets pack an awesome nutritional punch! — 6 Comments

  1. I tested this with 2 crickets, one each for my 2 cats. Yes, they had fun chasing and playing with them, but weren’t interested in eating them.
    How do I get them to eat them?
    On the other hand, once I have them a small grasshopper which I’d caught in my car. It last 20 seconds (if that) and was devoured. It was the success with the grasshopper that made me try crickets. Perhaps they weren’t hungry at the time?

  2. I shall definitely try this. My cats are indoor only so it will be fun to see what they do with the crickets!! Is there a source of dried cricket available too?

    • Interesting question, Sandra! I’ve never looked. Maybe ask your local pet store? Or the shop from which you purchase the live crickets?

      Then come back and let us know! (Although, most of the fun in feeding crickets is that the cats actually get to exercise their hunting skills. 😉 )

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