Yes, yes, yes!!!

    Below is a video of Dana Cox, a reporter for Animal Wellness TV, interviewing five pro-raw veterinarians attending the 29th annual North American Veterinarian Conference in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

      I’m delighted to see increasing numbers of videos and news reports such as this popping up, and totally tickled that so many veterinarians are being boxed into accepting the benefits of home-prepared raw diets by the irrefutable evidence their own clients are providing. It just makes me all warm inside.

        There are still a few holdover fears in evidence, however. Supplements, as most of us know, aren’t needed in a balanced, prey-based diet, and feeding ourselves or our pets most definitely does not require the advice of a doctor or veterinarian (especially given how little nutritional training veterinarian course studies supply, coupled with the fact raw feeders often research the topic obsessively before tentatively plunging in).

          Additionally, that only five pro-raw vets could be interviewed out of the 6,245 DVM’s attending the conference is… well, indicative of how far we still have to go.

            On the whole, though, this is a very positive and heartening report!

                P.S. On a rather amusing side note, one of the seminars at this very high-profile, high-level, high-packed (15,825 attendees total!) soiree is titled, “I Have Patience for My Patients But My Clients Are Driving Me Crazy: Tips for Working with High Maintenance Owners.” LOL! So be nice to your vets, guys; even when they’re promoting the very foods causing many of the diseases plaguing feline populations today, they are, for the most part, just doing the best they can with the information they’ve been given. Be as patient with them as you want them to be with your kitty! ;-}


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