What is My Budget for Raw Food?

For many of us, especially with the vet bills we’ve had to face with our IBD kitties, the cost of feeding is a real and important consideration. To evaluate how much you can spend on raw based on your current budget for canned food, these tables provide the cost per pound equivalent. For example, if you feed a canned food that costs $1.20 per 5.5 ounce can, you are spending $3.49 per pound. If you can keep your cost of feeding raw to $3.49 per pound or less, you will be spending the same (or less) than you do for the food you currently feed. Most raw feeders find that due to the increased digestibility and bioavailability of raw, cats eating a 100% raw food diet will typically need to consume 10% – 30% less food (on a direct comparison to the amounts of canned food eaten) to maintain weight. That has not been considered in this cost comparison.

How Much Does the Food I Feed Cost Per Pound?

Budget for Raw Food

As of May 2014

1) Friskies
2) Wellness chicken
3) Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken and Nature’s Variety Instinct Chicken
4) Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau
5) Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit
6) Ziwipeak Venison
7) Priced at chewy.com without shipping (other than Friskies 13 ounce cans)


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Updated 03/05/2016