We only have three rules, but we do expect them to be followed. Please read before you begin posting.

  1. No posting of animals in need of rescue, petitions, or personal items for sale, and no sharing of animal abuse cases. This group is strictly for discussion of feline nutrition, care and behavior topics. (Note: If you are an artist and would like to share information on your product with the group, please contact an admin.)
  1. Pictures and videos of member’s cats are welcome, but please don’t just drop a pic or video and run; tell us *why* you want to share that particular photo or video with us. On the other hand, memes, LOLCats, random videos, fan pages, contests, etc., are not allowed. (That’s what your NewsFeed is for! 🙂  ).
  1. Respect for one another is expected. No threats, insults, cursing, or demeaning comments will be tolerated.


CatCentric is a community of compassionate, knowledgeable cat lovers coming together to share our experiences and help one another. If you see someone breaking the rules, please tag an admin in the post or contact one by private chat. Let’s keep this group a helpful, kind, and negative-free zone!

NOTE: If you have a breeding or declawing question, please contact one of the admins before posting. While CatCentric is not necessarily against breeding, many of its members actively rescue and breeding discussions often get side-tracked and heated quickly.

CatCentric *is* anti-declaw. If you have any questions as to why, please click and read here or here.

Finally, it should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – if you block an admin, that’s a good as declaring you don’t intend to play by these rules. Therefore, doing so will get you removed from the group. 


This document is part of the CatCentric Facebook Community files. Note these are informal documents created by various members of the group for the benefit of all. Use of the information is at your own discretion.

Updated 03/05/2016