CatCentric hosts one of the largest, most active groups of its kind on Facebook. Created in January of 2014, the group has grown phenomenally fast and as of this writing boasts nearly 5,000 members. It’s managed by some of the most compassionate, knowledgeable ladies I’ve ever met and together, we’ve created a safe place where cat owners and guardians can share their experiences and offer help and support to one another on topics from nutrition to general care to behavior.

Every cat lover – regardless of background or beliefs – is welcome in the CatCentric Community. The only requirement for joining is that you, too, love cats. 🙂


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CatCentric Community Files

Note these are informal documents created by various members of the group for the benefit of all. Use of the information is at your own discretion.

CatCentric Group: Three Simple Rules for Participation – Please read before you begin posting in the group!

CatCentric Recommended Product List – Find and shop for all the products we recommend… and help support the CatCentric’s ongoing mission!

What is My Budget for Raw Food? – There are two components to determining how much it will cost to feed raw: 1) the cost per pound, and 2) the amount your cat(s) need to eat. When eating 100% raw, most raw feeders find that due to the high bioavailability (and quality) of the raw food, they need to feed their cats 10% – 30% less food compared to volumes of canned. This file provides an easy-to-read conversion of canned food into cost per pound to help you understand your budget for raw food. It doesn’t consider the cost-savings you will likely experience due to needing to feed less food compared to canned.

Your Shopping List: Meats to Avoid and to Buy – Are you new to raw feeding and are not sure what to buy from your local store? Here’s a printable list to take with you.


And just for your convenience, here are links to some of the most widely read CatCentric articles.

Transitioning a cat from one diet to another can sometimes be as easy as dropping the new food on a plate. More often than not, however, it is anything BUT easy. These articles are stuffed with helpful transition tips.

Keep these four things in mind as you transition your cat to raw.
Transition Guide: Making the switch to ground raw.
Getting-started tips for Prey Model Raw (PMR) feeding.
Troubleshooting the Transition

Given the meteoric – and justified – rise in raw feeding interest, here are some of the most popular CatCentric raw feeding articles.

Raw Feeding Your Cat: Just the Basics.
A Prey Model Raw (PMR) / Whole Prey Feeding Guide
‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem… Scary Bones
Whole Bone Alternatives: When and How to Use Them in a Raw Fed Cat’s Diet
Prey Model and Whole Prey Product Sources

Cats, Carbs and Calories: An Obligate Carnivore’s Perspective – Is your kitty a touch overweight? Are you having trouble helping him/her shed those extra pounds? Are you curious why so many of today’s house-cats are obese? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this information’s for you!

Feline Disease Information & Support Resources – Looking for help with a specific condition? Here’s a directory of information and support resources for many of today’s most prevalent feline diseases.

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Created 03/05/16; Updated 01/04/18