Raw feeding, passion, professionalism, and the naysayers. — 6 Comments

  1. I have given my cat raw food which he enjoys (but has sometimes been sick after eating raw chicken). I would love to do it more often but I am worried about not giving him the balance of nutrients he needs. I read a lot of articles that are always warning about the effects of not providing everything that mirrors a natural kill. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and have not been able to source the right information and source of local provision. It is a huge responsibility! My vet is very supportive of natural and through her I have been feeding my cat the wet ziwipeak as an alternative. While it seems to be one of the better cat foods I still worry that he is not getting what he needs. I need clear, consistent advice and realistic sourcing. If I can achieve this I will feed raw on an ongoing basis. Any practical advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. This is an amazing posts and spotlights my frustrations both with the drama and with my inability to keep my cool sometimes. I’ve managed to keep from attacking people and I use the “kill them with kindness” attitude when under attack, but sometimes someone does something that I believe to be so dangerous for their dog that it’s difficult for me to keep quiet.

    The couple times that I have spoken out, I’ve been hit back with a “mind your own business” attitude from someone who picked up some ground beef or chicken wings at the store because they started to start feeding raw today.

    The more I learn about our dogs’ health and nutrition, the more I want to put out helpful information for others.

    Thank you for sharing this post with me. I’ll be quoting from it (and linking back) in an upcoming post on my blog.


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