Q&A: How often should you feed a cat for best digestive health? — 6 Comments

  1. Ok let’s cut all of the scientific mumbo-jumbo….I am a CAT…I’ll eat any darn time that I please!! Well…if Mom lets me…MOL!
    Hi, this is Cody from Cat Chat!
    I have food allergies and the only food I am allowed to eat is Royal Canin Veterinary formula rabbit and pea…that’s right…Peter Cottontail…you got it…the Easter Bunny….lay out the flatware, he is my meal of choice!
    I’m not allowed to be “free-fed” why? Because I take after my food obsessed human mom. If it’s there and i can chew it, I’ll eat it! Got it?
    I eat 1/3 can of wet food early in the morning, I eat a few kibble at noon, I eat dinner around 4 (another 1/3 of a can)….then….I snack at 8, 10 and 11pm. Yep, I DO! Got a problem with it? MOL!
    No worries, the dry kibble is limited to a 1/4 cup a day……
    That’s how I maintain my wonderfully rockin’ belleh…….
    Hey….gotta go now……time to EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi, Cody! Thanks for taking the time out from eating to stop by! ;-}

      You’re not alone, you know. Many cats suffer from “allergies” to standard commercial diets. In fact, these awful reactions – including IBD, one of the most serious presentations – is likely the number one reason cat owners begin feeding raw diets. The sometimes near-instant relief cats can feel once they’re eating a food their bodies no longer have to fight to digest is amazing to behold.

      You should try some! There are several manufactures who sell raw rabbit products (it’s a favorite of cats everywhere) to get you started. ♥

  2. I am just now learning about raw feeding and am wanting to get my older cat onto a raw diet to help with his diabetes. This site is proving valuable to me for reference and research information.

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