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  1. OK – love this post and your article on Melamine to Frankenprey – but can’t even stand to READ about cutting up all that meat. Seriously don’t do meat. I know Natures Variety raw is too expensive, but if I can’t do the raw, wouldn’t it be better than the other alternatives? Will also be checking out the Whole Foods doing the grinding for me. I remember my childhood kitty, Tinkertoes, loving the raw beef kidney and heart my mom gave him. He also loved to bring me halves of rabbits and thoroughly traumatized me when I caught him in my yard chewing on a screaming, reallly screaming, little mouse. But Tink was one healthy, happy meow!

  2. I’m glad you like these articles, Rhonda. And it sounds like Tink was quite the character! :-}

    I, too, had a bit of trouble cutting up some of the products when I first started, especially kidney. Over time, however, you adjust to the squeamish factor and it doesn’t bother you any longer. If you chose to go the commercial raw route, however, it’s important to fully review the options and then to rotate between flavors and manufacturers.

    Best regards!

  3. Hello, I have been feeding Bravo! Chicken Balance to my dog and cat. I am switching to Frankenprey. I have:
    * Chicken Drumsticks for bone (also some meat)
    * Chicken Livers (also a rabbit liver, and some leftover beef liver from treats)
    * Chicken Hearts/Gizzards (pretty sure no heart was in that package.. although there was a singular kidney?)
    * Beef Heart
    * Ground Hamburger 27% fat (Remainder of meat %)

    Am I missing anything other than the last 5% of other organ?

    When I slaughter my rabbits which organs should I keep?
    This last time I made sure to keep:
    Liver, Heart, Lung/Trachea,Kidneys

    I read testicles are okay, and I did not think to keep the heads although I’m not sure they would be able to break em open. Eyes, and brain would be good? What else? I will be contacting a few butchers around me for organs etc. What all should I ask for?
    What if any of the digestive tract (stomach/intestines etc) should I keep for them?

  4. Hi
    I have been feeding my cat raw for about 5 years now but I’m sure I haven’t been getting the ratio right? I have to say though this one page is probably the most informative I’ve seen. It is a lot of hard work and after several episodes of vomiting I realised that liver was making my cat vomit and also venison.
    My dilemma is….. I give my cat store bought raw food and a concoction I do myself which includes all her vitamins etc. So I mix about a pound of meat divide it into approx 17 baggies and add one bag to 4oz of the store bought product. This lasts her about 2 days? I do sprinkle some bone every other day, I was doing about one chicken neck a week? But now I’m gonna go to wings.
    I have absolutely no idea what my ratio is as the store bought does not list the bone percentage and occasionally she does get constipated. How the hell can I figure this out?? I’m not confident enough to do ALL homemade yet and I don’t have a grinder.HELP!!!

  5. …….oh and didn’t even think about the fat content? Would grinding up a whole chicken but too much fat ?
    I think you just need to write a recipe book or start your own food company !

  6. I must be doing something right I just had a full comprehensive check up on my cat as she kept vomiting ( my fault, giving her too much liver) she is perfect! I did urine, fecal, blood, x rays, pancreas, b12 etc etc etc.
    Excellent ! And she’s 11 !! She plays all the time, clear bright eyes, shiny coat…loads of energy ! It works!

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